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How to Stay Fit Through the Holidays

By adminleyn | In BE NEWS | on December 11, 2016

The holidays can make keeping to a workout routine difficult. Staying active during the holidays can be easier and more fun than you might think. Travel, parties, holiday dinners, and family gatherings can throw your regular schedules array.

The following are easy ways to squeeze in a workout during the holidays that will surely keep you active and even boost your holiday spirit.

  •  Turn the parking lot into a calorie-burning platform. Headed to the mall for some holiday shopping? Stop fighting for that perfect parking space. The good ones are away from the entrances. By good, we mean ‘good for you.’
  • Once in the mall, before you make any purchase, take a swift lap around the place. Walk, don’t run, no need to look out of place. But your body will thank you. Maybe you’ll even see a better gift than you originally intended to get.
  • Kids sure play hard during the holidays. Why not join them for a bit? Try to keep up with the young ones. They will like an adult playing with them and your bod will benefit.
  • With so much family around, it’s a good idea to try something different than just sitting around and drink eggnog. Get a group workout going. Everyone still spends time together and enjoys some health in a typically unhealthy but festive time.
  • Get a pedometer and try to put in at least 10,000 steps per day.
  • Many towns host a type of Jingle Bell run. Dress up in your favorite holiday attire and get out there.

Not easy to do this time of year; but do your best and stay active. Happy Holidays!

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