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“I’m very happy to have joined Barre Elements!!!!! The classes are great and the staff is so welcoming and friendly it fells like I’ve known them my whole life.  Thank you BE for my new great body. Lots of success” – Denise Lopez


“I am so happy with the classes at Barre Elements. I’m continuously changing my cardio routine and never imagined what a complete and fantastic workout Barre has turned out to be. Leyn incorporates different techniques and what I Love most is it is not a cookie cutter class, she is always mixing it up with Ballet, Pilates, Yoga and some of her own signature moves -Booty Botox- which have toned and leaned my legs and re-perked up my butt.” – Anastasia Espinosa


“In addition to the great-no-judging-environment- and FUN place to workout, one thing cross to my mind when I think of Barre Elements classes: BURN, Baby, BURN!! It is amazing how simple, but effective exercises can work and shape your body. Making a 1 hour parenthesis during my day to come here is helping me to work on my body goals, while having a great time between great trainers and members. 100% recommended” – Ineabelle Soto

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