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Barre Elements takes the dancer’s workout to the next level! 

By combining the four distinct techniques of BE Barre™, Be Fusion™, Wholly Barre Butt™ and BE Ballet™  to create a balanced experience. Each of our classes offers a unique way to tone and re-shape your body leaving you with the physique you always wanted. When you can’t stop looking at yourself in the mirror, you’ll know why.
Barre Elements is the new and refined way to gracefully challenge your body’s strength and endurance while increasing your overall fitness. We like to call it ’The Lady Workout”.
Barre Elements uses a combination of classical Ballet moves isotonic and isometric exercises, neuromuscular activation and smart holistic formatting to craft long lean muscles while improving your posture, coordination and bone density.

The force of muscles pulling against bones stimulates this bone-building process.

Although the technique is inspired by ballet exercises, we do not actually dance during the workout but rather use the barre for stability and control.

You don’t have to be a dancer to look and feel like one!

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